perfect image

by thoughtsgather

with the house to ourselves, my wee girl asked to sleep with me that night

as a treat, i said yes, knowing these moments would disappear at any time

when i came to bed, she lay, doll in her arms

the street light shone a glow upon her face

my head upon my pillow

i lay silently

my eyes upon her closed eyes

studying her face in ways which i could not

through the busyness of the days

i marveled at her beauty

the perfection in her face

the little soul that lay inside

i marveled at how beautiful she is

and I marveled more at how she does in fact

look just like me

a mirrored reflection

slightly askew only due to the years upon my face

and then i marveled a final time

at how i could see such beauty in her face

and yet not the same in mine

when in fact

she is the perfect image

of me