Sipping beer

I arrived a few minutes before him, and had a pint class in my hand by the time he walked into the pub. He waved to me and walked to the door, ordering one for himself.


I noticed her walk through the door. She had scarlet red hair and soft curls. Her high heeled black boots, black leggings and a black leather jacket placed her in a modern day 80’s movie. She did her best to pay no attention to being noticed, but she was aware of everyone before she entered the door.


She took a seat a few tables away and sat down. As she pushed aside her mane of hair she took out a black leather bound notebook, glanced in my direction and started writing. With her back leaning against the table and her legs astride the other side of the chair, my friend walked back to the empty chair across form me. His eyes darted towards her before focusing on me.


It had been weeks since we had seen each other. He had moved in with his girlfriend six weeks ago. Before, he would have mentioned the red headed woman, but today, there was no mention but he or I. The absence of her in the conversation made her in fact more present in our conversation. Instead he told me how well things were going with his girlfriend and how much he loved her. His cheating days were over, he said, his eyes get glancing to the woman as she wrote in her notebook. “See, I haven’t even mentioned the red head,” he said.