by thoughtsgather

This is my 10 minute write.  It’s 12:15 pm on a Wednesday and I have promised myself that I would write for 10 minutes a day. Just to begin. I will write more. Eventually. But for now. 10 minutes. The question is whether I will post this without edit and without thought. For me, that is a risk. I am a self-editor. Cautious with my words. Cautious with my life. So perhaps this will be my experiment. To write without edits. Hmmmm.  Grammar and typos, will I keep them? Maybe perhaps for now. They will help me to overcome my need to edit. I have already resisted the urge to go back and make changes. Writing in this way makes me vulnerable. But perhaps vulnerability is what is really needed. What I really need. Just to put it out there, all unedited. What a concept, to live an unedited life. And I don’t mean that I want to say everything i always feel, because sometimes you do have to be cautious around how you say things and who you say them too.  Its a fine line. A balance. To live unedited, with no backspaces or erasers. To just put it all out there with apology.

I take deep breaths as I write these words. Because we are constantly putting images out there, aren’t we? Impressions of ourselves. Sometimes it gets hard to know what is the unedited version. What is the authentic, walk onto the page, walk into the scene, with no doubt and no worry of making mistakes. Because really, what is a mistake. A mistake is something that needs fixing or changing or apology. But if one is living a life in line with their own values and beliefs and if concern for not only oneself but also for the other is central to one’s values, then how can there be mistakes. Mistakes are things to learn from and to evolve from and therefore, its not a mistake, but part of the journey.

Yes, maybe these unedited words will be the beginning of an unedited life.