My Life

by thoughtsgather

It was my birthday two days ago. Number 39. Not a major milestone, this is true. But there was something about the day and the days leading up to my birthday that felt like a shift was in process.  And perhaps a shift is always in process. But there was something more profound about this one. If I am honest with myself, I feel like i’ve been waiting for 39 years for something. just waiting for the next thing. Waiting to be happy. Waiting to feel good. Waiting to become motivated. Waiting for inspiration. Waiting. For Something.IMG_7135 That something alluded me. It still alludes me but the reason for that is now much more clear. There is nothing to be waiting for. This. Is. It. Life. This one glorious life. I can’t wait to live anymore. There are things to do, stories to write, art to create, wonders to be discovered, tea to be sipped. Life. Mine. It is mine to live. This is My. Life.