The question to start

by thoughtsgather

“So, who did you play with today at recess?” I asked her.

No one, she tells me. She tells me she spent it in her own.

My heart sinks.

“Why didn’t you play with Leah or Lily?”

They ran ahead of her and didn’t wait, she tells me.

I have visions of her being left out. Naive to the games te other kids are playing on her.

“And what about Seamus? Why didn’t you play with him?”

He went to play with the boys, she tells me.

“So what did you do?”

She tells me she walked around on her own watching the other kids.

My heart sinks further.

“Are you on your own most recesses ?”

She tells me she is sometimes and sometimes she plays with her friends.

“Mommy, why are you asking me do many questions?”

And now I worry I have asked one to many questions.

“Did you want to be with the other kids?” I ask.

“no, sometimes I just like being by myself”

And I realize that was the question I should have begun with.