Riding the waves

by thoughtsgather

This poem is based on a dream i had. Enjoy!

She stood on the rocky shore and watched as the winds twirled in the distance

The seagulls played in the wind, dancing between the clouds

As the winds blew she stood by as witness to the waves growing and the calm retreating

She watched the two boats only feet from the rocky shore, on which she stood

One rooted firmly to the sea floor. Anchored in place.

The other one adrift at sea but coming perisouly close to shore with every gust

The boat adrift was safe for a time, it was made of strong stone and boulders

She watched in awe as this stone boat stay afloat, but she knew

She knew eventually the strenght of the stone would no longer keep it safe

She knew that soon it would be dragged to the bottom of the sea

But for now, it floated despite it self

Out of the corner of her eye though, she could see the other boat weathering the storm, while anchored firmly in place

Riding the waves