A space for my words to meander.

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They spoke of his gifts of grace and strength
Always humble and kind

But I wonder 

Was there ever a time he was able to speak his mind

Or did his concern for others always run the show 

Which do I aspire to

For I was gifted with both

The gifts of kindness and strength 

And those of concern for others

We are from the same cloth

And as I watched him take his last breaths 

I worried of my own regrets

And hoped he’d come to peace with his

Did he live the life he wanted

As he took his last breaths

I wondered of his regrets 

placing feet

surreptitiously placing feet
one ahead of the other
but the rain falls on this day
the lake that was yesterday frozen
steady and safe
where she placed one foot in front of the other
now, placing feet carries a different weight
a little warming was all it took
and some rain
the lake, frozen, solid, only yesterday
now has spaces that are no longer safe

A space for my words to meander.


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